The Ternary

Whether you are looking for a great new location for date night, a rowdy friends catch up or even a work dinner, look no further than The Ternary – located on level one of The Novotel Darling Harbour.

I took my ever-willing-foodie-companion/husband to check out the delicious offerings from the fabulous team at the Ternary.  Needless to say, Kai was exceptionally excited when our host sat us at the grill, overlooking the masses of steak and seafood being lovingly cooked for our fellow patrons.


Chef Robin serving up the goods.



To say that the Ternary had exemplary customer service would be an understatement.  The lovely Savannah began by (obviously) welcoming us, giving us an overview of what was on offer for the evening and then introducing us to the staff that would be looking after us for the evening.

But first things first, lets start with the cocktails.


I must say, I do look pretty excited with this drink in hand!

We began with bartender Mitch’s cocktail, the Palpasa.  Which was perfectly matched to be consumed with entrees and starters.

  • Palpasa is short + sweet, with Archie Rose gin + a pomegranate juice base, this spring number mixes fresh lime, St Germain + star anise, topped with edible flowers

First off the food rank was the warm and crispy naan bread with labneh.  This was the perfect combination of soft yet buttery crisp.


Next was the tandoori lamb cutlets with beetroot puree and the pan seared scallops and Thai salad.  Kai devoured both of these in no time but described the combinations as ‘awesome and delicious’ – ha, ha!  I can always rely on Kai for a in-depth food review.



Cocktail number 2: Jake’s concoction called Smoke on the Watermelon.  Again, selected to match with our second courses.

  • A very smokey take on a classic summer flavour. Brooding, bassy mezcal twists lime + agave into some semblance of tequila. Fresh watermelon + Cointreau are topped with earthy, smoked rosemary


Mains with a sneaky share additional starter:

Pulled peppered beef in crispy pastry w water chestnuts + tamarind jam

Pork belly twice cooked with potatoes and spinach

Surf and turf featuring Balmain bugs

It’s amazing how a classic combination can be almost reinvented when cooked to such perfection!

Chef Robin explained that his key to cooking the best steak is a constant turn technique – 5 seconds on each side, of course with a very good quality steak.  This ensures a crust on the outside without over cooking the centre.  He also went on to suggest you salt only after cooking and to burst with melted butter straight off the grill.  Although I’m still waiting for the pulled beef in crispy pastry recipe!




Dessert cocktail: The Campfire.  This particular beauty isn’t on the menu just yet… but I highly recommend you just take my word for it and ask for one – ridiculously delicious!  And there are marshmallows!! Perfect to match with dessert.


Dessert consisted of a share plate of three of the most delicately flavoured, perfectly balance desserts I have had in a long while!


Lychee crème brûlée with coconut sorbet + biscotti

Green tea matcha mousse with white chocolate cream + adzuki bean

Mango + vanilla panna cotta with coconut crisp + pistachio ice-cream




In addition, I had to include a shot of our neighbours dessert as well.  I think this really says it all about the level of care and service on offer at the Ternary.  Lynne and Paul were in town for a conference and Lynne had dined at The Ternary for the previous three evenings. She had made herself quite at home with the staff so they decided to surprised her with a goodbye dessert.  How’s that for ensuring word of mouth marketing and return customers!



All photos by myself and @tizkai

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