Textured Monochrome 

With Spring upon us, it is the perfect time to update your look with a great twist on two current trends, tonal dressing and monochrome dressing. Sound confusing? It’s actually one of the easiest ways to pull off an effortlessly chic outfit without too much pre planning – executed with the use of texture.

Step One: Piece selection – Locate your favourite monochrome items from your current wardrobe.

Step Two: Consider texture – Ensure there is a variation in fabrics but look for a connecting thread. For example, here I explore the silky midi-skirt trend, tying the look together with a tuxedo jacket featuring similar silky fabric detail in the lapel.

Step Three: Select footwear – opt for a texture yet to be used in your outfit. I went for a leather/suede combination

Step Four: Select eyewear in the same tonal pallet that you have used all the way through your look.

And you’re done.

Wearing: Tuxedo Jacket by Amelius The Label, black silk dress by Finders Keepers, boots from Wittner Shoes, glasses from Le Specs.

Photos: @tizkai

13 thoughts on “Textured Monochrome 

  1. Jill, everything about this outfit is absolutely stunning! The thigh high boots add such a bold flair that is perfect for a night out, and those sunglasses really compliment your face shape. I love the idea of pairing a tuxedo jacket with a dress. Which lipstick shade are you wearing?
    You’ve truly mastered the textured monochrome look.

    ~xo Sheree

  2. Whoever, if anyone, said a monochromatic look would be boring is wrong, majorly so. By bringing in all the different textures you’ve created a bold, edgy and intriguing look and it has an air of sophistication surrounding it which is hard to pull off with just one color to be honest, but you did it. I from now on will refer to you as the queen of monochrome! 🙂
    Thomas xx

  3. I am actually a huge fan of monochrome. I think it looks so chic and effortless and it works best with different textures like you said. All black, all white, all grey, all anything. It’s almost too easy to put together a look and it looks incredible. I am excited for this for fall since we can layer to create a monochrome look. Beautiful styling and I love the silky dress. xoxo, Christine

  4. Hey Jill,

    I’m so obsessed with your monochrome dressing. I love these over-the-knee shoes. They add some feminine touches to this look. You are looking so stylish, sexy, and adorable!


  5. All black is definitely one of my go to looks! 3 of my looks for NYFW were actually all black and it made things a lot less stressful when trying to select outfits. I would have never thought to style a silk dress like this, but I am obsessed!

  6. Absolutely love this look babe!! The mix of the silk dress with the suit looks absolutely beautiful, sexy and elegant at the same time. Definitely the knee boots give this look an entire edgy cool look!! You have such a beautiful style babe!!!


  7. This is hands down one of my favorite outfits you’ve worn. But also I love black way too much. I love how you mixed textures and got this really gorgeous all black outfit. I need those boots by the way! Although I wouldn’t wear them much right now since my injury I’ve only been wearing sneakers! I would love to see you do a post on how to dress casually and still look cute. I’m struggling haha

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