Eat Fit Food – 10 Day Cleanse

When it comes to getting creative with nutritious foods, I have always thought I was a bit of a Jedi in the kitchen. Being gluten free, vegetarian and allergic to eggs it has been lifelong challenge but one I quite enjoyed.  Recently discovering I have hypothyroidism meant I could no longer eat dairy either, not that I had consumed much prior anyway, but this did throw an additional spanner in the works.  You could not understand my joy when I discovered there was a food delivery service that could easily cover all these needs!!  Enter, Eat Fit Food.

Eat Fit Food:  Convenient, dietitian-approved meals with gluten free, dairy free & low carb options who also cater for vegetarians.

“For the time-poor health conscious individual. This program provides you with the flexibility to order any combination of meals on the days you choose. Select from a wide variety of breakfasts, snacks, meals, juices and desserts.”

My Plan: I decided on the 10 Day Cleanse with the vegetarian option, which is free from dairy, wheat and gluten.  The meals are planned around an intake of approximately  1400 calories per day and consist of a cleansing juice, breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks.  The claim is that the 10 Day Cleanse will eliminate and neutralise the toxins found in our bodies.

So yes, it sounds great!  But did it live up to my expectations…?

The meals are delivered (in the early hours of the morning) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and are ready and waiting for you when you rise.  The regular delivery ensures you are eating only the freshest meals.

When the packs first arrived, I sat on the couch with my new cooler bags of food – excitedly reading through each carefully packed meal for the next two days.  I actually continued to do this every time I received a new delivery!!  Ha, ha – what can I say, I’m a foodie!

The Verdict:  The meals were absolutely delicious!  I did not have the same breakfast, lunch or dinner throughout the entire cleanse.  The meals were not only innovative but flavours were perfectly balanced and just the right portions to keep you feeling content.

Eat Fit Food 2017_by_Luisa Brimble-983

Here is how the cleanse should be eaten:

Juice: before Breakfast. Designed to wake up the senses on rising.

Breakfast: 7am – 7.30am. First meal of the day to set you up with energy.

Snack: 10am – 10.30.  Just when you start to feel a little peckish, there is a delicious snack to get your through to lunch.

Lunch: 1pm – 1.30pm.  Ensure you choose the heavier option for lunch.

Snack: 4pm – 4.30pm.  Again, just in time to avoid reaching for the afternoon sugar or caffeine hit.

Dinner: 7pm – 7.30pm.  Where possible, consume 2 hours prior to going to bed to allow time for digestion.

Common improvements include:

– Less bloating

– Improved concentration and mental clarity

– Clearer eyes and skin, happier mood, better sleep quality
, improved energy levels

– Less angst over meal planning and making suitable food choices

– More regular bowel habits

A general guide, you can expect to lose: 0.5 – 1kg on a 5 day Cleanse
; 1 – 3kg on a 10 day Cleanse
; 2 – 5kg on a 20 day cleanse

Final result:  I definitely saw a difference in my skin and eyes and no doubt there was less energy going into deciding what to eat! I didn’t even touch a pot or saucepan for 10 days.  My kitchen stayed spotless!!  The biggest surprise for me is that I lost 2 kgs!!!!!  I wasn’t expecting to lose any weight as I pride myself of how well I eat…the fact I lost this much without feeling at all deprived was pretty amazing.

All in all, the food was amazingly tasty, I wasn’t at all hungry and I felt overall a lot healthier.  The biggest take away for me was a reset on serving size.  Living with, and cooking for my hubby (eats anything and everything and doesn’t put on a gram of weight) has somehow increased my typical serving size.  Not by much but enough to need a reset.

Thanks Eat Fit Food – I HIGHLY recommend!

Note* I was provided with this meal plan for an objective product test. At no point was I encouraged in any direction or paid for my view on their service.

18 thoughts on “Eat Fit Food – 10 Day Cleanse

  1. These meals looks so delicious! And the fact that they are also dietitian-approved and gluten free is such a great bonus!
    The cooler bag is such a great idea. I love the plan you’ve chosen – the 10 Day Cleanse, I would definitely like to try it. Thank you for your review!

  2. All of these options look so tasty and healthy and your images are amazing and very well taken! I would like to try this 10 day detox getting that kind of nutritious food to my diet. Eat Fit food plan offers such a great benefits to the body. For me: less bloating is the most important point, because at the end of the day I literally look like pregnant. I think it is super important to clean your body once in a while so I will check Eat Fit Food.
    Thanks for sharing, girl!


  3. I love these dishes and the fact that they are gluten free. I love eating healthy foods and this sounds like the perfect option for me. I will definitely love to try the 10-day detox. My cousin has always suggested a detox, but I never try it. After reading this inspiring post I will do it for sure. Thank you for an amazing review.

    xx. Gina

  4. Hey Jill,

    What a perfect decision to eat fit food. I’m also vegetarian, gluten free and I don’t eat dairy products. These meals look so awesome that I definitely have to try Eat Fit Food. By the way, do you do any sports?


  5. That must have been hard growing up with food restrictions – I can’t even imagine. The idea of a cleanse sounds scary but having these colorful and healthy meals delivered would make it so much easier. For me, food prep is always an issue and when I don’t have time – that’s when I grab the unhealthy stuff. I would totally try something like this!

  6. Dear Jill,
    I didn’t know you are unable to eat all the mentioned ingredients/substances, but I guess your Jedi skills in the kitchen are living proof of that having some sort of restrictions in whatever area of life doesn’t mean you have to live a boring one, or in your case, eat boring things. I loved the idea of Eat Fit Food and that they had something that suited you perfectly and the 10 day cleanse is something I would want to do myself AND implement the regular intakes of nutrition into my daily schedule even after the 10 day cleanse as I believe a regular intake is something our body needs and like you said, you could tell a lot of health benefits only in 10 days. The only part which would get thumbs down from me are the crazy early morning deliveries, haha.
    Thomas xx

  7. Based on your review… This sounds like a must try and perfect when jumpstarting a new diet or workout routine. I especially like that they deliver multiple days so you are always getting the freshest food. That makes a huge difference. The food looks so good for being pre made. Thank you for your thoughtful review. I am definitely interested now, the only thing missing is the cost? Do you feel it was worth the amount spent ?

  8. What? This sounds amazing!!! These meals look so good and I’d love to try something like this for sure!
    I’m definitely checking out Eat Fit Food since I do need a little reset as well!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. Jill, these meals look so tasty! I totally agree that an organized meal plan is the best way to stay on track for a diet. I love that this company provides you with such delicious, healthy options that cater to your dietary restrictions. The entrees seem to be very fresh and light, which I’m sure is great for reducing bloating!
    Do they offer meal plans for longer periods of time, or is it just for a 10 day cleanse? I could definitely see myself enjoying these products.

    ~ xo Sheree

  10. Great post babe!
    I’ve done a eat fit food cleanse too! How amazing is their food you feel like you’re eating at a café every day and you know that your nutrition is taken care of I totally agree they have a great service.
    Natalia k

  11. Everything looks so scrumptious and healthy. You truly captured the beauty of these meals! I recently stopped nursing so I’m itching to do a detox and this one sounds fantastic! Eat Fit food plan looks incredible! I always feel quite bloated and notice that the minute I deviate from a plant based diet I start feeling that way! The things I’d most be excited for is not having to over think my meals! I’m too busy to eat as healthy as I want sometimes! Such a great service. Bookmarking to check them out later!

    Manda |

  12. I wonder if Eat Fit Food is available in the Dallas area? It sounds like the perfect service for my needs as well! I have been trying to limit my dairy and meat intake lately and it’s nice to know there’s something out there that offers delicious meals like this. Thanks for the review!

  13. I never heard of a program like this but sounds pretty good!!! Eating healthy is so important and healthy food never look so good.
    I love to do the 10 day program like you did. I’m turning 30 soon so for sure is something I want to start doing because I’m sure changing the way you eat will also reflect in your skin and your mind. Thanks for sharing your experience babe


  14. wow this program sounds amazing!!! Eating healthy is definitely a very important part of my life, since I work out so much. Can’t let those hard work to go down the drain!! I would like to try the 10 day program one day! It sounds amazing and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing such an amazing program.

    xx, Jessie

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