The Business of Denim Shopping

The dreaded ‘denim shop’ can have some of us women breaking out in a cold sweat just thinking about it.  What style suits your shape?  What colour should you be buying?  What size are you? Washed denim, straight leg, distressed, high rise, boot cut…eeek!  And why must we take 3 different sizes of each style to the change room as (for some reason) there appears to be no universal sizing – size 10 in one style and a 14 in the next?!?

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First and foremost, find a store that stocks a few different labels for choice and offers a specialist to assist you with the process.  They will understand the fabrication, fit and sizing of each of their available brands.  Hence, making the world of difference when wading through the piles of denim options.

Next, determine your body type and the typical occasion you will be wearing your new jeans.  Knowing your wants and needs before embarking on your shopping trip will ensure your trip is efficient and effective.  Yes, I know this is sounding like a business transaction but denim is a serious game! Below is a breakdown of body types, colours and style suggestions for each.

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  • Darker washed denim is always more flattering and polished than a lighter wash.
  • Ditch embellishment and stick to sleek and sophisticated
  • A lighter blue is great for weekends and you can’t go past a ripped denim look for our warmer months in Spring/Summer. Keep in mind though, distressing will emphasize those areas of your body.

Body Shapes



Longer legs, extra height, straighter hip area.


It can be hard to find length and femininity.

Styles to look for:

Skinny jean – this is always a winner for Miss Rectangle. Just pick the most flattering pair for your butt and thighs.

Skinny bootleg – if you can find long enough, this is a great shape!

Boyfriend – Miss Rectangle is the one body shape that call pull this look off with ease! Go for slimmer fitting.



Curves around the hip and thinner waist.


Concealing excess curves and elongating the body

Styles to look for:

Boot cut – works well on Miss Pear to balance the overall look.

High-rise – again, adds a balancing effect and assists to conceal a larger hip.

Stretch denim – providing Miss Pear comfort and ease.



Even hip to bust ratio with a slim waist.


Finding jeans that fit around your waist.

Styles to look for:

Skinny – as Miss Hourglass already has hips and bust in proportion, there is no need for a balancing effect from the cut. Skinny is this shape’s best friend.

High Rise – this will ensure fit around the waist as it will sit at the smallest part, and make Miss Hourglass appear even slimmer.

Flares – this is for the curvier hourglass.  She can pull off a flare as this will work to balance out the hips.



Carries weight around the mid-section with thinner legs.


Conceal waist line while emphasising legs.

Styles to look for:

Skinny – great look for Miss Apple. Paired back with a floaty top works wonders on this body shape.

High Rise – helps to hold everything in and appear slimmer.

Straight leg – Will work to even out proportions for an overall symmetrical look for Miss Apple.

Athletic/ square


Muscular thighs or wider shoulders/arms with tapered hips.


Finding feminine, sophisticated denim options.

Styles to look for:

Stretch denim – great for Miss Athletic. With nothing to conceal, this is a go-to style!

Wide leg – works to even out the shoulders. A wider leg offers the appearance of uniformity.

Boyfriend – fitted styles work best here.

High Rise – emphasises the waistline and adds a level of femininity.

cropped walking


One style that we are seeing a lot of lately is the ‘Mom Jean.’  I recommend giving it a try as it will usually fit a range of shapes; by definition this style is higher rise and wider in the hips.  It’s a look…some people will love it and some won’t.  May as well add a pair to your basket.

One last tip that I live by: when you do locate your unicorn denim (you know, the magical beast that sprinkles glitter wherever you go) buy 2 pairs!! Or 3, for back-ups.

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Huge thank you to my friends at Just Jeans Castle Towers for their no-nonsense, friendly and knowledgeable advice.

Shot on location at Castle Towers Shopping Centre.




17 thoughts on “The Business of Denim Shopping

  1. Such a great and detailed shopping guide!! I love all the body shape break downs and the style detail suggestions. I think I’m a boyish body type (the ones with no curves and flat all the way down) lol is there something that can make me look like I have some junk in the trunk? Yes, when I find my denim unicorn, I usually stock up in every color I want and a few of them.

    xo Sheree

  2. Shopping for jeans is a difficult task indeed. Even though I love to shop online, there’s something to be said about jean shopping where you have to try them on for fit and style. The way the jean looks on the butt is crucial for me and I love that there are so many denim styles out there now. You hit every point right on the head and I love all your suggestions for body types and washes. I have been obsessed with high waisted and mom jeans lately and I definitely need to stock up on some more. Thanks for all these fab tips! xoxo, Christine

  3. This is amazing! Honestly I feel like when ever you think of denim shopping it seems fairly simple until you realize the amount of things you have to consider when purchasing denim jeans. For me the most frustrating and complicated one is choosing what style I want because there are just so many. This will be super helpful next time I go shopping because now I know which types flatter each body. I also have a bit of a hard time when choosing the wash I want. So most of the time go for the one that matches with most pieces I own. This guy however will be super helpful thank you for sharing! Loved it:))

  4. Buying jeans is always so hard because every brand has different fits and materials they use. I’m going to be facing an even bigger challenge finding jeans now that I’m pregnant haha! I don’t think they’ll look particularly fashionable but I’ll have to learn to make do. Lots of women need help finding the right pair of jeans that actually suit them rather then buying for trends – this would be very useful for them to read!

    Helen xx

  5. What a great tutorial for someone buying jeans. Once you find a pair that works just buy multiples! It can be such an agonizing process that frankly I stick to dresses these days LOL. And is it just me, but the term mom jeans drives me nuts. Especially because most moms don’t wear mom jeans anymore. These days we know better than to wear unflattering oversized jeans – which is where the term came from.

  6. Awesome tips Jill! And I feel you about taking 3 different sizes of each style to the changing room lol. I’m pear-shaped and finding the right pair of jeans is so difficult cuz I kinda look fat in jeans haha. How I wish that Singapore denim stores have a specialist to guide me through!

  7. One of my first real jobs in the fashion world was for a denim brand. It was fun going through the buying process with them as well as being able to see how their stores were run. I completely agree with everything here. I highly suggest going to a store that specializes in denim specifically. Anytime I shop denim, it’s usually an event. I’m specifically only looking for denim needs so i can focus on fit, feel, and wash. Any good denim store is going to be able to tell you what size you’ll be in each different fit and that’s SO helpful because it helps to expedite the process! Loved this post and it was so good reminiscing on my experience through reading this post!

    Manda |

  8. Denim shopping seriously can be a pain in the butt, so I really appreciate all your tips! I think I need to get my hands on a pair of flattering Mom jeans that aren’t distressed. My biggest problem is finding jeans that aren’t too tight around my butt and too loose around my waist. I find that high waist jeans are most flattering on me as you suggested 🙂

    Rachel xx

  9. I love this post! I have actually been on the look out for a good pair of mom jeans that are 100% cotton! It has been a mission. I have an hour glass figure, so jeans that fit my thighs and butt are wayyy too large on my waist! I find this happens with most of my jeans except for the stretch skinny fit. High Rise always works best for me.

    Thank you for sharing!

  10. Haha omg! I actually haven’t bought a pair of new jeans for the last 3 years because Ive been finding so much comfort through everything else.
    When I did wear jeans though, I always went with the skinny jeans. maybe that’s why it was so uncomfortable and I had to make the switch – but like you said it gives the best shape and I was always a fan of snug fitting clothes.


  11. I definitely live in a bubble because I had no idea denim shops like this existed! I also love how you broke down each body type, describing which jeans would flatter best. This will make my denim shopping a lot easier. I’m one of those people who bring 4 pairs of the same style to the dressing room!

  12. I have square shape and I always have a problem of finding a perfect pair of jeans! Thank you for your tips! Now I have to try wide-legged jeans!
    I prefer buying jeans of dark colors for f/w, hope they ll fit well 🙂


  13. What a great shopping guide! Thank you, it was so informative and really helpful. Buying a new pair of jeans can be tough, I know. Thanks God I’ve found that Mom fit jeans looks good on me.
    And I love this simple yet stylish look on you – white tee and black skinny jeans, it looks like an everyday chic model’s uniform haha 🙂

  14. I know how you feel about the denim shopping and just shopping in general, it can be such a pain especially when denim shopping and you’re all leg. Great post babe I think this is a great guide that alot people need to read before they go denim shopping.

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