More Than Black

I love fashion: From the Elmo/Sesame Street/ 80’s inspired wave of bloggers through to the high-end, ever so expensive pieces that we all lust after. With the emergence of so many eclectic fashion curators, I feel classic styling and strong base trends have been somewhat lost along the way. So where do you go for some solid guidance? What should we be wearing for Autumn/Winter? Is black the only go-to colour for safe fashion choices?

I often turn to my best friend Vogue, but on this occasion I met with store owner and fashion aficionado, Leeann Edelmuth. She comes with a wealth of experience and regularly pops over to Paris to collect a few pieces for our upcoming seasons – if anyone can forecast a trend, its Leeann!

On a beautifully crisp Tuesday afternoon, I wandered into Leeann’s gorgeous store in the heart of Woollahra, Marshmellow. Her space is a treasure trove of beautifully hand-picked, on-trend pieces from around the world. From gorgeous ‘wear everywhere’ boots to sparkly Parisian clutches, through to key styling pieces and wardrobe staples.

Marshmellow’s cliental is a diverse mix of ages and styles, as Leeann expertly bridges the gap between trend and price.

“The success of the store has been price. We are competitive in price to Country Road and Sportsgirl. Our price point – I try not to go over $200 for fully imported pieces”

“I don’t have 100 of everything. That’s the success. If you get it, you get it. When it’s gone, it’s gone.”

Clearly the success of the store is also Leeann’s keen eye for predicting a trend and translating them to our Australian seasons.

“I don’t like anything that’s mainstream. It has to have an edge. Sometimes it doesn’t work because some huge trends in Europe just don’t make it to Australia. I really try and find a point of difference.”

“I’d rather travel 4 times a year and get the exclusive European stock.”

 “I never re-do any styles I have done the previous season”

So what are we looking for Autumn/Winter 2017? Leeann explains to me that velvet and pleats should be high on our lists. In terms of colour, look for burgundy, khaki and navy – “Its beyond black”

With a busy store to run and 2 kids (Leeann jokes it’s actually three kids including her husband) where does she find the motivation to be so effortlessly fashionable? The answer is she loves her job! The adrenaline from finding amazing, affordable pieces is responsible for her masses of energy.

“Most people would hate it but I love it. I go and I search for the right piece. Everyone thinks it’s so glamorous – and yes I love it but its 24hrs in the air, 24hrs home and I’m there for 3 days. It gives me the biggest adrenaline – I don’t suffer from jet lag or anything because I’m pumped from the trip.” (On her trips to Paris)

Leeann goes on to explain to me she buys 6 months ahead for each season. She filters the pieces (from Paris and Italy) through the store around her selection of locally branded stock. She has a large store-room out the back… Which I would love to raid!



And in true Jill style, I can’t go into a beautiful store and not leave with something new so I picked myself out a piece from Marshmellow that clearly is not meant for Autumn/Winter in Sydney – but how gorgeous are the sleeves?! Ha, ha. This piece is the Tie-dye Lace Sleeve top available HERE.  But as mentioned above, once it’s gone, its gone!  So be quick!!


You can visit Leeann at Marshmellow located at: Shop 4, 156 Edgecliff Rd, Woollahra. Or check out her edit online HERE.

Photos by @tizkai

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