Silk’n Infinity G – Review

I have been an avid shaver my whole life. It’s a pain in the ass to constantly be shaving legs, forearms (yes – even my forearms) and underarms! Being a blonde, I have never really gotten into waxing because a) it hurts!! and b) if I’m a bit slack with shaving every few days you don’t see the hairs anyway – you know they are there though as they are spiky AF! As for permanently removing the hairs, I would never commit to visiting the salon as many times as required and being a blonde, there hasn’t been an at home system available to date.

Keeping in mind the above, you can see why I jumped at the opportunity to try the Silk’n Infinity G.

Here’s their claims and my response:

  • Safe for all skin colours – Great on my white skin even at level 5
  • Galvanic and Optical Energy sources for supreme hair removal – I actually began noticing less hair after treatment 3
  • 400,000 pulses per device, no refill cartridges are needed – sounds impressive
  • Bluetooth Pulse counter – this, coupled with the app is awesome
  • eHPL light for effective removal of unwanted hair – agree
  • 92% hair reduction after last treatment – we’ll see but looking good
  • Full-body treatment in less than 20 minutes – no chance! Even after mastering the device, I would be more inclined to say 40mins to an hour… But I am 6’ tall so maybe that’s because my limbs are so long. Ha, ha.
  • Safe to use on both the face and body – haven’t tried face
  • Can be used by both women and men – agreed! Forced my husband to take a few shots. After some whinging about it being a girl thing, he loved it and reminded me when his scheduled treatment was.
  • Skin colour sensor for superior safety – ideal
  • Can be used at home or on the go – obviously easy to use at home or you could take with you but you need a power point and the treatments are every two weeks so you would have to be doing some serious travelling to need to have it with you.
  • Comes with a multipurpose case – true
  • Easy-to-hold hand held device – true
  • Includes smart Silk’n App to remind you when you due for a treatment – awesome!


‘The eHPL technology of Silk’n Infinity uses a combination of Galvanic Energy and Optical Energy which allows hair to be removed more efficiently, by way of opening the skin pores and allowing the light pulses to optimally reach the hair follicles’


Final thoughts: Yes, the Silk’n Infinity seems like the must have device with some very lofty claims. What I can tell you is that it did deliver pain free, irritation free hair removal. I experienced none of the usual side effects of hair removal stubble, ingrown hairs or redness. All this along with the fact that the product is really easy to use. The only claim left to test is the permanent aspect – and I will update this review as the results unfold. But so far – it really is a great product.

I’ve put together a little video below to show how easy this process is. Also if you do want to try for yourself, here is a little incentive:

5% discount code ‘IAMJILLWRIGHT’

25% discount for Mothers Day site wide (20th April – 14th May 2017)

Total of 30% !!!!


2 thoughts on “Silk’n Infinity G – Review

  1. How are your treatments going? I am considering the purchase of the Infinity 400,000. I’ve got dark skin and black hair.
    Did you get the results you were seeking?

    1. Hi Kenesha, I got great results but you have to do the treatments at prescribed. It was harder for me being so fair with such blonde hair. Takes patience but definitely worked for me. Good luck! 🙂

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