Dear John…

Any one who knows me, knows that I spent much of my younger years modelling here in Oz and Overseas.  This career was nothing but a fond memory… until I met my new friend, John Clutterbuck.

Moving to Sydney has been a little bit of a challenge – a very worthwhile challenge but a BIG challenge!  Squeezing two homes into one little 2 bedroom terrace was definitely an achievement!   Yessss…  Those years of Tetris addiction finally paid off!  (Those who know me also know that I am a closet gamer…Eeek! Now I’ve gone and admitted it!)  *Side note: If anyone wants any spare furniture – hit me up!

The best thing I am discovering about Sydney, is the people.  I am loving randomly meeting new people!!!  By chance I met a fascinating friend, enter John.  What started out as a new blog post has now squarely put me back into the modelling game.  Not sure exactly how that happened.  And at my age, that is not exactly easy.  I’ll explain a little about Mr Clutterbuck and it may make more sense:

John is an award winning photographer with over 35 years experience. His work has appeared in Harpers Bazaar, French, British & Australian Vogue, Marie Claire and a number of other publications.  Full profile can be viewed HERE

Here he is below shooting the lovely Cheyenne Tozzi – no big deal I guess.  Ha, ha.




Jellybeans and Jealousy Jill Wright, American Apparel

Jellybeans and Jealousy Jill Wright, American Apparel

Jellybeans and Jealousy, Jill Wright, Cameo,


Jellybeansandjealousy, Jill Wright, Blogger, Sportsgirl, Ask Grace


Jellybeans and Jealousy Jill Wright


Jellybeans and Jealousy, Jill Wright, Blogger, August Street, Lovisa



Shot 1 & 2 – American Apparel thigh high socks

Shot 3 – Cameo bustier  ∆  Myer white high waisted skirt  ∆  Soles ‘Wasabi’ heels

Shot 4 – Sportsgirl bust  ∆  Ask Grace maxi skirt  ∆  Zomp black stilettos

Shot 5 –  Vintage black chiffon top & pearls (and yes, I did have to drink the vodka to make this shot truly legit!)

Shot 6 – August Street metallic cardi  ∆  Lovisa bracelets and rings


Special thanks to James Blackett for assisting on our shoot!




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