The French Revolution

It’s no secret that French women always look perfectly polished and effortlessly chic, but do they have a secret weapon that we Aussies aren’t privy to…?  The answer is a blatant – YES!  Don’t start rioting just yet, the good news is this technique is something you can learn in a few hours on a Saturday for $59.

I met with Charlotte Ravet for a frank and enlightening chat about the beauty industry, in particular make-up artistry and technique.  Charlotte is a Parisian trained makeup artist with over a decade of experience working with many celebrities, on countless TV shows and even acting as supervisor make-up artist for Prada and MiuMiu.  *Full Bio below.

Not only does Charlotte boast an impressive reusme, she also has an enviable French accent!  She arrived on our shores hardly speaking english but has managed to wrangle our lanuage to near perfection since arriving.

Read on to find out more about the above mentioned application technique, common mistakes and the affordable ‘must have’ products for your every day kit.

What is your favourite part of being a makeup artist?

“I see my work under two aspects: the creative part and the psychologic[al] part.”

“I used to draw and paint and learnt makeup with drawing and painting exercises in Paris after the completion of my bachelor of History of Arts. I love mixing colours and using shades and highlights to recreate ideal proportions on the face. I also love creating artistic images with a creative team: all starting from an idea and we all working together (photographer, models, and makeup artist) to create something new.”

“When I spoke about psychology, it’s actually an important part of my work. I meet men and women with sometimes a lack of confidence and going through a lot of pressure. Doing their makeup is also helping them feeling better and having a moment just for themselves. I went [to] learn massage in Bali to understand the pressure on the face and help my clients to ensure the feeling of my hands and brushes is comfortable for them. I also love talking with my clients, I am lucky to meet every day amazing people with amazing stories. In Paris, I used to work a lot in TV and met celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, Lady Gaga (they travel with their makeup artist), Robin Williams, Chris Colfer and here my Australian idol, Simon Baker.”

What sets you apart from other artists?

“I believe the fact that I have been educated in France with a different technique. I have learnt how to create a full-face of makeup using only cream pigments and establish proportion, using parallel lines in the face. This method has been created by a famous makeup artist in the 60’s, Michel Deruelle. He also created his own range of makeup, Maqpro, which I am now distributing in Australia.”

“I chose my training in Paris to learn specifically this method and I am teaching this technique to other artists and beginners at my academy: Premiere Makeup.”

“Having this knowledge helps me to have no limits in my creativity but also to create long-lasting and waterproof makeups.”

Why did you start your school?

“I have been teacher for Diploma in an academy and also started doing my own masterclasses last year for makeup artists. I also created an online training program for Manicare Australia dedicated to Priceline staff members, I’ve been guest speaker for NIDA and train salon staff who would like to offer a makeup service to their clients. I was dreaming about having my own space where I could train small groups of people. Doing all those previous training for other parties helps to custom[ise] my programs and target the needs of makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts. I have noticed that people learn faster and are more committed with short trainings, that is why I offer only short courses. Having a very strong understanding of colours, proportions, and blending is the fundamentals for a makeup artist and not just applying products in the right order.  I want the students who come to my courses leave with a real baggage of learning and feel confident with their clients.”

What will women learn in your $59 class? Why should women attend your class?

“I have created the Miss Chic workshop for any women who want to learn how [to do] their own makeup. We start the course by an introduction about colours and proportions and we cover all the aspect of makeup application. Skin, eyes, lips and corrections. I offer women to learn a realistic way to do makeup themselves and not the heavy makeup as we can see on Instagram and YouTube. A lot of bloggers create makeup for the camera which are not suitable for an everyday look. Lots of women don’t know how to simply choose and apply the right makeup before going to work and going out, this is what I cover with them. I use the same techniques as I use in my work and share real professional tips with them. Just the same as for my professional classes I believe it is important to understand products colour and proportions. I hope after this course, women will avoid commons mistakes but also stop buying makeup which doesn’t suit them or which they don’t know how to use it.”

“All products and material are supplied for the course. We use manly Maqpro which is professional French makeup brand. All products are cruelty and paraben free and are used for the biggest production in the world such as Games of Thrones, House of Cards and many more. I have used their products since I started makeup and have decided to develop the brand in Australia one year ago. It is also easier to all use the same products when we work as a group. After students can see what they have at home and compare with what we use in class. It is possible to purchase the products after the course, but the main aim is to learn the techniques, so I am not pushing to buy.”

“I also offer private consultation and people are welcome to come and have their makeup done at the studio by appointment.”


Tell me about your favourite products?

“I have had sponsorship from luxury brands, and while I love their packaging and the smell of their products the formulation is different from professional brands, which lasts longer and are waterproof.”

“I use a lot Maqpro as the quality is incredible but there are a few other products which are always in my kit. The Touché éclat n2 from YSL, which I apply on the creases to bring some volume and the Egyptian Magic cream, perfect for dehydrated skin, lips and also to give glow for photoshoot. I also like to have a few tools to help me during the makeup application, I have a something which I can wear on my arm to help me remove the colour of my brushes, some stripes which I can put under the eyes to retain the eye shadows dust, a jade roller to avoid puffiness and a gold-plated lash curler form Manicare, because it’s really pretty!”


Bio – Charlotte Ravet


After a Bachelor in the History of Arts, Charlotte Ravet decided to continue training as a makeup artist in Paris. Before finishing her training, Charlotte became a Lead Makeup Supervisor with the French TV channel NRJ. During this time she worked with French and international celebrities including Craig David, Glee crew, Robbie Williams, Daniel Powter, Kurt Hummel and many others.

Since then, Charlotte has worked as a freelance makeup artist for major television networks in France and Europe. She was also in charge of the makeup for special TV shows for Paris Fashion week and has been working with TV presenters for the fashion shows for 3 years.

In 2012 Charlotte was asked to demonstrate the latest makeup trends on stage at L’Oreal Paris, where she delivered a seminar on stage in a collaborative project with Franck de Roche hairdressers.

Between 2012 and 2014 she has been the supervisor makeup artist for Prada and Miu Miu for private runways and launch events.

In April 2014 she decided to move to Australia to develop her international career. She was one of two hundred people granted permanent residency in Australia under a Distinguished Talent Visa, given to applicants with exceptional skills in research, arts and sports.

In 2016, Charlotte was an educator for Mask Academy. She has been involved in projects and advertising at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, HSBC, Warner Music, ABC, Screen Australia, Wella, and collaborates with Australian photographers. She has worked with Australian celebrities such as Simon Baker, The Preatures, Shannon Noll.

In 2017, Charlotte starts hosting her own masterclasses for makeup artists, created an online training program for Manicare and been guest speaker at NIDA. She also directs makeup workshops at Franck Provost Academy and Marie France hair salons in Sydney.

Since July 2016, she started importing and developing the professional makeup brand Maqpro in Australia.

Awards and distinction and exhibition:

2016 Finalist Beauty expo Australia, editorial category.

2015 Distinguished Talent Visa.

2012 Henner Museum Paris: exhibition with Stephane Casali photographer.

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