Review – 6 Day Juice Cleanse: Lucky You Cleanse

Ever wanted to try a juice cleanse but have been a little unsure?  Let me tell you about my experience with Lucky You Cleanse (LYC).

I was feeling a little sluggish, tired and generally not at the top of my game.  I am a big fan of using juice cleanses to reset your system and generally nourish your body.

I have tried quite a few different juice programs in the past, so I did know what to expect – it’s not easy at the start.  This time I chose LYC.  I previously worked near a great little grocer who stocked this brand and I would often pop up and grab a green juice for a quick afternoon pick me up.  Being that I was already a fan I thought, why not try their 6 day juice cleanse…let me start by saying it’s definitely delicious, well planned and ample.

** I would like to apologise to anyone who crossed my path from day 1 – 5…I may have been a little difficult.  Day 6 and 7 I was lovely though…ha, ha.

6 Day Juice Cleanse

I’m not going to lie – It’s hard to go 6 days without food…really hard. But Lucky You make it far easier that other juice only cleanses I have previously tried.  The end result is definitely worth the short-lived ‘hangry monster’.

3 days’ worth of juice is delivered fresh to your door the day prior to your cleanse.  The juice is ‘raw and unpasteurized meaning it’s FRESH, pure nutrition!’

Here is what it looks like:


Elixir – Aloe                                                                             drink before Smoothie

Juice 1 – Smoothie (green or berry)                                           8 – 9am

Juice 2 – Green B/ or Green Coco H20                                       10 – 11am

Juice 3 –  Spicy Lemonade/ or Red Spice                                  12 – 1pm

Juice 4 –  Red Juice/ or Sweet Carrot                                          2 – 3pm

Juice 5 –  Green A Juice/ or Green Zest                                      4 – 5pm

Juice 6 – Cashew Nut Mylk / or Cacao Cashew Nut Mylk      6 – 7pm

On rising, it is recommended your start your day with 250ml’s of lemon water for general hydration and alkalinizing.


Chew – that’s right. Chew your juice (as best you can).  Digestive enzymes that assist with digestion are released with the action of chewing.

Energy – if you need a boost of energy, add a pinch of Celtic sea salt to your juice.

Flavour – filtered water can be added if the juices are too intense.  If you’re like me and love a great flavour hit, you can add ginger or cayenne pepper.  Yum!

Hydration – drink additional water in between your juices.  You can also drink caffeine free teas.  I love roasted dandelion.

Positivity – stay positive.  This is a big tip!  It makes a world of difference if you are positive throughout your cleanse.  I thought about all the shopping, cooking and cleaning I didn’t have to do during the cleanse!

Understanding the side affects you can expect is an important part of your prep.  I’m a bit of an old hand as this so I knew what was coming, but these are the common side-effects:

Headaches, nausea, fatigue, irritability, night sweats and crazy/vivid dreams can all be detox symptoms –
 and different people experience these to varying degrees.


I loved this cleanse!! I actually woke looking forward to the smoothy and was excited to come home and have the cashew mylk for dinner.  I ate both of these with a spoon to assist with the required ‘chewing’.  Yes, I may be a little strange but knowing the good you are doing for your body while enjoying delish’ pre-made juices is a great thing.

I could not recommend this cleanse more highly.  The juice sizes in particular are a major difference between this cleanse and others I have tried.  After I was done with the 6 days, my skin was spotless, my eyes were the whitest white  and I had ample energy.  I like to do these a few times a year and am always including a veggie juice in my daily routine.

*I was gifted the juices from LYC.  This was at my request as I was already a fan of the product. At no point was I asked to write an opinion that was biased or fabricated.   I am a long-time fan of LYC and will continue to purchase their product.



15 thoughts on “Review – 6 Day Juice Cleanse: Lucky You Cleanse

  1. Wow good for you for being able to do a six day cleanse! I am so impressed as I tried to do a two day cleanse once and failed miserably. I didn’t even last one whole day! The juices sound so delicious and the bottles are so cute. I love the tips you give like chewing your juice as I definitely wouldn’t have thought to do that. I also like the lemon water tip as well. The side affects don’t sound too pleasing but I guess you have to suffer a little in order to reset your system. Thanks for sharing your cleanse experience. I need to bite the bullet and just do it one day! Xoxo, Christine

  2. Wow! I admire that you are so motivated! I have never tried a juice cleans before as I am sure that I would be very difficult to be around if I did not have any food for so long;-) haha
    But the way you describe how you feel after makes me a bit more curious as to give it a go!
    I love juice so why not?! And those bottles look so cute as well!

  3. I still haven’t done a juice cleanse and I don’t think I’d be allowed to now until after the pregnancy but it sounds like something I’ll need to try! I think I’d be a hangry monster too if I went through it because I’m eating around the clock at the moment. Good work on getting through all six days though 😉

    Helen xx

    1. Thx Helen! It’s definitely an experience – my poor hubby! Ha, ha! I felt amazing half way through and still feeling the benefits after. Maybe after bub arrives, give it a try. xxx

  4. I’m sitting here reading this out loud to my husband and we definitely both want to do this! I’ve done a cleanse before but not a juice cleanse. I didn’t realize that you are really drinking around the clock! I’m really curious of this! I didn’t know that you needed to still chew while doing juice cleanses either! I actually fast a couple days out of the month for some medical reasons and I actually always feel much better then having a full stomach 24-7 so I feel like it wouldn’t be so bad on me! Love that LYC delivers them too!

    Manda |

    1. It’s pretty amazing! If you are used to fasting, this will be a breeze for you. I find the juice gives you the energy that fasting can deplete. Totally recommend giving it a go- I still feel amazing! x

  5. I don’t think I could ever commit to doing a juice cleanse so kudos to you. It doesn’t sound that bad it actually sounds amazing to have your food planned out for an entire week and to stick to it. My biggest trouble is actually making myself eat breakfast and this would be the perfect solution.

  6. I’m so glad that you had such amazing results from this cleanse! I totally understand that a cleanse this long can be difficult, so I am impressed that you were able to make it work. It is so important to rejuvenate the body like this. I’ve been looking into doing something like this, so I will definitely have to check out this company.

    ~xo Sheree

  7. Wow – so impressed! I don’t think I could do a juice cleanse. I’m too much of a food addict. Glad you had a positive experience. I get really hangry so it probably wouldn’t be a good idea for me LOL. I’m trying to do more food prep and have pre-made portions ready to eat so I always have healthy options available. Out of curiosity, did you lose weight doing the cleanse? And more importantly, would you do it again?

  8. Hello Jill!
    I absolutely adore all detox programs. I try new ones each week. I definitely must try this program bc all these juices look awesome on pics, especially Cashew Nut Mylk or Cacao Cashew Nut Mylk. It’s just what I was searching for!


  9. Sounds like a torture to me, especially during the autumn/winter season. However, I can imagine this during the hot summer season, when you can live only drinking water, haha. Anyway, this experiments sounds rather interesting, I need to try it out next season, coz I’m not sure if I could do it when it’s sooo cold outside and you have to eat really good to stay warm.

    Cheers, Eliza |

  10. This is awesome. I love love juice cleanses because I feel like they are the perfect way to detox your body. However, there is no way I could do it for 6 days, haha! Good for you! But once in a while I’m always interested in searching for great brands/products to try out. These definitely look amazing. I’m also a big fan of green juices so I’d love to try those out. Thanks for sharing I really enjoyed reading about it!

    Vanessa, xo!

  11. I loved reading your experience with cleansing! I have never heard about Lucky You Cleanse, but there are many similar concepts around Los Angeles! I have been meaning to try one, but I feel like I could NEVER go without actual food for that long. I was thinking about starting with a 3 day cleanse. Thank you for your tips! When I try my cleanse, I will be sure to occasionally chew.


  12. I have heard a lot about juices clean up and honestly I don’t know if I will be strong to do it because of the side effects and its very hard for me to control my sweets habit lol. However reading about your experience now I’m tempted to give it a try. Thanks for sharing your experience and giving all this tips for the people that want to give it a try.


  13. I did a juice cleanse with my then boyfriend and I had pretty amazing results. The main thing I learned is to drink a lot of water in between each juice to prolong hunger. It was my way of tricking myself into thinking I didn’t need food. It also helps to cut sugar, which is definitely something I can always use. Glad you had a good experience with yours!

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