Key Winter Trends You Should be Wearing Now

Every season, we see trends come and go and watch adoringly as the magazines and runway shows make us feel like we should toss out our wardrobes and start again!  Here are two key looks you can emulate for everyday wear and still team back with your existing wardrobe – for both day and night.

When deciding what key pieces to invest in each season, it’s important to think of two factors: wearability & longevity.  Let’s face it, it’s all well and good to lust after a look but if it’s not appropriate for everyday activities or it’s clearly stamped with a one season expiry date, it’s not going to last in your wardrobe.  Enter the two best looks you can incorporate into your wardrobe and how to do it.

Soft Leather

As seen on the catwalks of Valentino, Hermes and Alexander McQueen.  There is nothing new about incorporating leather into your winter wardrobe, but it’s the key styles you need to be wearing that bring this look firmly into 2017. Think embellished pieces with a lady-like twist.  Don’t be afraid of adapting the moto jacket by pairing back with a pencil skirt or a fitted, feminine pant. Look for staple pieces, real or faux that can be worn together then separated later for more bang for your buck.



Tonal Dressing

Popular with Max Mara and every ‘off duty’ model worth her weight in fashion.  Shades and fabrics can differ but the aim is the overall outfit has the same tonal hue.  The beauty of this look is that you can tailor the outfit to your body shape, harping back to the age-old techniques of dressing to flatter your body i.e. darker shades on the bottom with a lighter shade on the top to direct the focus to your face.

Preview image 1


The best part of adapting these trends is that you can pair your classic wardrobe staples back with your new contemporary purchases.  If you have a leather jacket, find the soft leather, tailored pencil skirt to add to your wardrobe.  Pull out your fluffy grey sweater and worn in grey denim jeans and invest in a great new jacket to complete your tonal look.

The easiest way to transform your outfit from day-to-night is by changing your shoes.  Two key shoe trends that should make their way into your closet ASAP are the black sock heel for evening and an embellished slide for easy day wear.  Functional and wearable, yet fashion forward and effectively elevating your look with ease.

Shot on location at Castle Towers Shopping Centre.  Photography: Kai Lebens.

Leather look: Asilio jacket, Piper Lane cami, Asilio skirt. Available at Piper Lane.

Tonal look: Jac & Jack sweater, Bassike relaxed pant, Viktoria & Woods jacket. Available at Designer Forum

8 thoughts on “Key Winter Trends You Should be Wearing Now

  1. This is what fashion is all about. Not following trends and tossing out your whole wardrobe when something new comes along, but adapting what you already have to the new, fun things out there. The two looks (and fashion tips) you shared here are a perfect example of that and I believe fashion shouldn’t be about wear and tear, but like you said, longevity. As the fashion industry is the second most toxic industry right after the oil industry we need to think more in the ways of sustainability. Thanks for leading the way!
    Thomas xx

  2. Girl you are leading styles for next season! Leather in my mind is always a classic and not a “trend” anymore because no matter what changes, a classi leather jacket will never be out of style. I am really liking the studs on your leather jacket for that extra edge and style. You can never go wrong with tonal dressing. The all grey monochrome sporty look is so chic and comfy, def something I would wear everyday!!

    ~ xo Sheree

  3. You’re definitely rocking it here with your key winter trends! I love leather jackets in winter outfits because they elevate any look. And I do believe in longevity in fashion too which is why I’m always on a lookout for timeless pieces 😉

    xx Aldora

  4. Yes, a good leather jacket is a key to a great look. It never goes out of fashion and you can wear it all year long. I love the way you styled it with the pencil skirt, looks so adorable and sexy.
    The second look is just so pretty, so I run out of words. This is just absolutely timeless and I love this particular shade of grey. It’s so classic and elegant and you wear it so gracefully!

    Cheers, Eliza |

  5. I’m a firm believer in wearing the clothes you own but also buying pieces that you know are going to transition you through trends! You did an exceptional job of showcasing that! Leather never really goes out of style and I love the way you styled this gorgeous jacket. The detail is so beautiful! I also really love you hues of gray look as well! You look so effortlessly chic. Like you said, it’s a perfect off duty look you can’t go wrong with!

    Manda |

  6. These are such good points! I love soft leather for the winter time! I need to invest in another leather jacket. The one I have I’ve literally had for so long and it’s definitely seen it’s day. As for tonal dressing, I haven’t experimented with this but I really want to! Thanks for sharing these tips

  7. These are such good points! I love soft leather for the winter time! I need to invest in another leather jacket. The one I have I’ve literally had for so long and it’s definitely seen it’s day. As for tonal dressing, I haven’t experimented with this but I really want to! Thanks for sharing these tips

  8. I only wish I was able to get away with soft leather. Winter literally lasts only a couple of weeks where I’m from, and when it is winter, the temperature barely drops any! I have recently moved to a larger city, where it snows during the winter. I’m excited about being able to try these trends this winter 🙂

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