Product Review – Paula’s Choice

Paula’s Choice is a skincare range I have been wanting to try for quite some time.  It was first brought to my attention last year when one of my good friends (and very critical friends) was raving about the ‘amazing product range’ he had discovered.  As I have sensitive skin, I typically stick to the same product for years – once I find something that works, I don’t often stray… but when you constantly hear whispers about something exciting and results based, it’s always worth a try!

The claim:  Clinically proven non-irritating.  100% fragrance free.  No added dyes.  No animal testing.


Before I get into my thoughts on this range, let me fill you in on my testing process:

  • I exclusively use the range as directed
  • I trial the product for a minimum 2 weeks – regardless of the results
  • I take note of skin texture, colour and oil levels
  • I also have my husband test the product at the same time in the same way listed above. I think it’s always beneficial to review with 2 completely different skin types.

The products:

  • RESIST – Perfectly Balanced Foaming Cleanser
  • RESIST – Hyaluronic Acid Booster
  • RESIST – Barrier Repair Moisturizer


  • Day 1 – skin feels very clean & moisturised yet not oily. There is no excess product remaining on the surface and all product is quickly absorbed. Very happy with the feel.  The products feel very light weight to touch and fragrance free.
  • Day 2 – skin still feels great but have developed a few bumps, almost like an irritation.  Oil levels remain normal with a great moisturised feel.
  • Day 3 – as above but a little red.
  • Day 4 – Day 7 – same as above.
  • Day 8 – redness is visibly reduced and the bumps are reducing
  • Day 9 – skin looks fantastic!  Smooth, clean and fresh.  Less redness than what I had prior to starting the trial.
  • Day 10 – Day 14 – Fresh, clean and bright. Less oil and evenly moisturised.


At first, I was a little unsure about the products due to the initial results.  If there is one thing I have learnt over the years is that all products need time for the skin to adjust, and due to having sensitive skin, mine typically takes a little longer. Paula’s Choice is a no fuss, results driven product. Very happy with the products.

Kai’s (my Husband) Results:

Men typically have thicker skin with larger pores and facial hair.  Kai is no exception! His beard game is strong! Ha, ha!  In addition, his skin is a little drier and he has a few more wrinkles than I.  His initial results were the same as mine but a little less obvious (less red/ less bumpy).  He found the product nice to use and also enjoyed the fragrance free aspect – lets face it, it’s hard enough to get men moisturising let alone leaving their skin smelling like roses!  He found the product effective to reduce oil and pore size but he needed some additional moisture.

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