Smile Makers x Priceline Pharmacy

My good friends at Priceline Pharmacy are determined to bring to the market quality products that women want – and they are far from shy about it.

When I received an invite to the launch of their new product range from a leading sexual wellbeing brand, I was intrigued to say the least.  Just like Priceline, I am not one to be shy when discussing female sexual wellbeing and was surprised to discover how many of my friends were excited by the prospect of ‘personal massagers’ being so readily available…after all, beauty starts with a smile!

Smile Makers mission: We are on a mission to normalize sexual wellbeing products and reframe them as a natural and healthy part of life and beauty care!

The decision to stock Smile Makers was not taken lightly with extensive research being conducted to find out what it is that women really wanted.  It was this research that revealed 60% – 90% of women are open to buying a personal massager…apparently this is called vi-curious.  The best bit is that you don’t need to head into a sex shop – pick yourself up a personal massager at the same time as your moisturiser and nail polish.

So how do you go about naming the different massagers?  You ask women to write in and tell you about their fantasies, and thus the names were born: The Millionaire, The Tennis Coach, The Fireman, The Frenchman, The Surfer, and so on…check them out here.

Discover how Smile Makers are Empowering Women Globally.




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