Outland Denim

This is not a fashion story. This is a reality check. We all wear denim & now we can all help others by making a simple choice.  This label is certainly proving fashion can be a vehicle for social change.

I’d like to introduce an amazing new denim label who decided to stand up and do something very different in the fashion space- meet Outland Denim.  A premium, high-quality denim label (for men and women) offering ethical employment and training to women rescued from human trafficking and exploitation in Cambodia.  Every pair purchased, Outland Denim donates AU $50 to frontline agencies to fight against human trafficking and exploitation.

We are committed to sourcing the most ethically and environmentally sound raw materials, from our pocket linings to packaging, and endeavour to verify our entire supply chain in alignment with the world’s best practices.

Every pair of jeans comes with a ‘Thank You’ card in the pocket from the woman who made them.  Mine were made by Srey Malis.  I have included her story below.

When I heard about this amazing cause, I called my friend ‘Boy In The Black BowTie‘ and we both did not hesitate to get on board! And can I tell you, Outland Denim jeans are amazing and should be a staple in everybody’s wardrobe!

I urge you to buy yourself an uber cool pair of jeans from Outland Denim.

Outland Denim jeans retail for $189 online at outlanddenim.com

I’m wearing: Isabel in washed denim, Debenhams x Henry Holland jacket (worn as shirt), Ray Ban classic gold aviators and Dr. Martins in cherry.

Warren is wearing: Vanguard in black




My name is Srey Malis and I am 18 years old. When I was very young my family was very poor and I didn’t have a good relationship with my parents. I have brothers and sisters, so my parents had to go to work to feed us. I also had to go out to find some work to provide for my family. When I was nine, I was doing very hard work concreting, lifting heavy things and washing clothes to get money. Because the work was very hard on my body, I could not stand it and I had to find a new job. So I got a job at a restaurant. At that time my mother and father were very sick. I wanted to help them a lot, so I sent them money every month.

When I was working at the restaurant, I was a waitress and took food to the customers and played CDs for the customers for karaoke. There was a lot of alcohol.

My boss tried to abuse me, but I ran away. He told me to come back and then he tried to do this to me again, so I told his wife but she didn’t believe me.

The customers would go there to drink beer and sing karaoke and they always asked me to drink with them, and they would try to sleep with me. Some customers would tell my boss that I did not agree to sleep with them, and he would say bad things to me. Customers promised me money and another life, but I knew if I did these things my family would not value me and people would look down on me. My boss offered me 20 dollars to sleep with him. I ran away. I felt so unhappy, like I’d done something wrong. I felt guilty and like my life was worthless, not valuable, and that people were always looking down on me. I wanted to kill myself, but I knew my family needed the money that I made. I stayed there for two years.

At the Outland Denim sewing room, I have a lot of people encouraging me. I’m happy to work here because people help each other; they understand me and listen to me.

It’s helped a lot in my family, now I can help them. Before they didn’t show that they loved me, and my father used to drink every day, but now he listens to me and sees something different in me and goes to work.

I now have confidence in myself. Before I came here I knew nothing, but now I know a lot more. I am so much stronger now and I am receiving a lot of love from the people I work with. I feel very loved. I want to thank you for buying my jeans, and for liking them and their quality.

It was not a happy life when I worked in the restaurant. I knew there was no future for me. Being there was like living in a very dark place. I could not see my future. My life was going down and down and down. I’m happy working here now and have joy working with other people

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