Great Expectations

With much anticipation, I finally got my hands on the Dyson Supersonic and I decided to put in the hands of a professional- my (very trusted) hairdresser on my Wedding day… I don’t typically do things by half!

So here were my thoughts prior to pressure testing this baby:

  • It’s a little strange looking
  • It’s $700. With top of the range professional dryers available for $300, what makes this device worth the additional dollars?
  • Does a British vaccuum giant really know what women want from a hairdryer?!

The Supersonic was announced in April, causing much online debate. The circular device promised to prevent heat damage and protect natural shine, without the noise of a traditional dryer.  And let me tell you, I went into this very sceptical!! (Sorry Dyson)

  • My hair WAS noticeably shiner (I couldn’t believe it)
  • It took far less time to dry my hair
  • The blast of air that the dryer omits (without the attachments) could literally take your head off. Note* use attachments!
  • The defuser & nossels magnetically attach with super ease
  • Quieter? Yes but I guess this actually depends on the quality of dryer you already use. This isn’t a feature I would write home about.
  • Light- yes! 618g’s to be precise.

Is it worth the money? I would have to say yes. If, like me, you are time poor and terrible at blow drying your own hair – buy it!

My hairdresser’s opinion was a little different. Being in the industry she had heard a fair bit about the Supersonic prior to using it. I think when you have a skill level like hers, she’s used to getting killer results, i.e. A perfect shinny blow dry, so it was difficult for her to see the difference. She did however like that it was light & quiet which I would think are important for someone using a hair dryer all day long.

I am not one to sugar coat my thoughts and I’m sure there will be a tonne of reviews out there in no time, so I hope mine has helped you make your investment decision!

The Dyson Supersonic will be available in Myer (Melbourne City) and David Jones (Elizabeth St Sydney), from midday today – July 9th. Other stores will follow nationally on the 10th.

On a random side note – my bearded husband took the dryer for a test drive, with RAVE reviews. He swears his beard lies flatter and is shinier… But he does work for Dyson. & he’s bald and male, so what would he know. Either way, damn it! Now we will be fighting for the hairdryer in the mornings!!
Photos by the incredible Janneke Storm

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