Christmas Styling Made Easy

Hi guys, I’m Rosie the style guru of Chippendale.  Many dogs look up to me for advice on how to wear their hair in cool ways and how to master the art of holiday dressing. I feel this outfit flatters my body yet shows a cheeky versatility – not usually seen at other festive times of the year.

Today I am off to my favourite pub, The Rose.  Apparently it’s named after a street around here but lets face it, we all  it was named after me.  My owners accompany me basically to open doors and other human stuff.  Also I make them look good.

I picked this little number up from Kmart, proving yet again a female can be thrifty and stylish.  You can find similar attire HERE

Merry Christmas to all my home dogs and bitches out there.

Woof woof!

P.S. Don’t feel dejected if you don’t look as good in these pieces, I am a professional at being good looking.


Its all about the details:

The below is a softer catalogue look you may want to try too:



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