Christmas Shopping for Men… Eeek!

Why is it that women are sooooo easy to buy for where as men are soooo hard to buy for?!  The struggle is real!  But never fear, this year I got you covered.  Join me in hacking Christmas, all from your lounge room – maybe with a drink in one hand and the remote in the other…  beats battling the crowds!

So, want to own Christmas this year?  Head over to TopMan and check out their gifting page HERE and if you want to make it really easy, try their gift finder HERE

I selected for Kai (my bearded man) out of the ‘Party Boy’ section and the ‘Gentleman’ section on TopMan’s gift finder: Black leather suspenders (highly recomend as I plan on stealing these soon) and the ultra skinny-fit trousers in Mono-print.









And thats a wrap! Ha, ha, get it? Wrap-ping paper….  Annnny wayyyy, you can thank me later.

Happy Christmas!!!

J. x

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