Bali Nights…

Jill Wright, oneteaspoon, iikoy

Jill Wright, Beneath The Roses, W Hotel, Chase Dakota, Ray-Ban, Oneteaspoon, Iikoy

Potato Head

Jill Wright, Oneteaspoon, Iikoy, Potato Head, Beneath The Roses

Potato Head

Reminiscing about cocktails and warmer days….  Ahhh to be back in Bali!  Being a Sunshine Coast girl makes me super susceptible to the cold.  Even though it’s still up around 12deg at night!  Love a temp that lets me throw a light dress over a bikini and play outdoors all night.

Wearing: Oneteaspoon Bikini, Iikoy sequin dress, Beneath The Roses bone bracelet, Chase Dakota Ring, Bali Robot Ring and some cheapie reflector aviators from the markets (probably paid too much as it turns out I am a terrible negotiator!)

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