Staple The Label- MBFWA 13

So I had a preconceived expectation of what Staple The Label were going to bring to the table…  Stocking a few ranges in store myself lead me to believe Staple were somewhat ‘essential basics’ with a street flair from time to time.  I was wrong.  What was delivered was a very edgy, beautifully commercial collection presented with clever styling and gorgeous accessories.  Watch out peeps, Staple is here to stay!


IMG_6365 IMG_6376 IMG_6378 IMG_6390 IMG_6394 IMG_6400 IMG_6406 IMG_6413 IMG_6419 IMG_6425 IMG_6429 IMG_6433 IMG_6450 IMG_6455 IMG_6461 IMG_6466 IMG_6477 IMG_6481 IMG_6491 IMG_6503 IMG_6522

*All shots taken by Jellybeans and Jealousy- shot on Canon 5D mark III

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